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A damaged or leaking roof doesn’t just cause damage to the exterior of your home. It can also lead to extensive interior damage, particularly your drywall. At JNC Roofing & Restorations, we understand the frustration that comes along with a damaged roof which is why our team of professional experts is here to help you from the initial estimate until you are satisfied with the final repair. We will even help you work with you insurance company to ensure that you get what you need.

Free Estimate for Drywall Repair

You may think that when you’re dealing with roof damage you will also end up dealing with multiple contractors in order to handle all of the repair s involved, but we make it easy and it starts with our free evaluation and estimate. When you call JNC Roofing & Restorations the first thing we do is send a representative out to give you a thorough, honest evaluation and estimate.

We will inspect not only your roof’s surface, but also the interior of your home for signs of water damage including water stains and drywall issues. Once we know the extent of the damage, we will be able to give you an honest recommendation and estimate for the work that needs to be done. We think it is important for you to fully understand the process and all of your options before the job even begins.

Interior Damage

Our experts are available to handle any interior damage caused by your leaking roof. We can repair the drywall and paint as well as your trim, baseboards, and flooring. At JNC Roofing & Restorations we regularly handle interior repair jobs of all sizes including remodels and our job isn’t done until you are satisfied.

JNC Roofing & Restorations is licensed, insured, and bonded and we service property owners all over Georgia from Savannah to North Georgia. We are dedicated to only using the best product lines in all of our repairs and can provide you with long-lasting warranties. Our commitment to excellence is why so many Georgians are happy to recommend us to their friends and family members.

If you are dealing with roof damage or interior damage stemming from your roof leaking, JNC Roofing & Restorations is the professional contractor who will always put your satisfaction first. We want to make the repair process as easy as possible for you from start to finish.

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